You are the owner or manager of a resort or hotel, you want to ask an expert to check that the health protocol against COVID-19 issued by the Ministry of Tourism (“Protocolo General de Actividades Turisticas”)  is well respected by your employees ?

Ask for our mystery expert inspection and audit! This is our service!

Hotel Sanitary Covid-19 Inspection

  • Our service included: an on-site evaluation/audit of the hotel sanitary covid-19  protocol respect by one of our experts and delivery of a detailed report. 5 Days.

  • A full inspection report and recommendations:

    1st part: 2-3 days on site anonymously as a client. We observe everything, write everything down! respect for safety distances, wearing a mask, behavior of customers and staff, disinfection, etc.

    2nd part: 2-3 days non-anonymous hours in your technical rooms with your staff (kitchen, staff rooms, etc.).

    Do not risk the health of clients, do not risk a fine for non-compliance with sanitary rules, ask for our anonymous expertise and receive a full report to improve your operating conditions.

Interested in this service?