URGENT! They lost all their money in Punta Cana !!!


I really want to share this story with you because it is very symptomatic of what we are seeing more and more here in Punta Cana. Mary and Alan is a young couple that I met in Punta Cana about two months ago. Super nice people.

For years they have come on holiday to Punta Cana, they have fallen in love with the region, the country, the art of living and the Dominicans of course.

Every year they book a week of holidays in a different all-inclusive hotel, to discover new places. And then back in their country, they started to register in different facebook groups of fans of this or that hotel and on real estate pages. This way, they can see comments, follow the news of the city they love so much and see the real estate projects in the making.

And as algorhythms do their job well, more and more ads for apartments for sale new or second hand are shown to them on their facebook "wall".

They said they would probably have to buy an apartment here to come here on vacation and then rent it while they were away to get a return on their investment.

So the following year, they came but strangely again to a hotel rather than rent an apartment "to see" and made some outings to visit different real estate. They literally flashed on a two-room condo. Without much thought, because their stay was already over, they signed a sales agreement without a lawyer, then went back to their country thinking they had made a good deal.

Pressed for time, they invested $200,000 in an apartment that was probably no more than $150,000. Worse still, they have not done a market study to verify that the good fits their needs: is it well placed compared to the competition? Is this an area of the future? What are the potential rental levels? What are the filling rates of the other apartments in the residence? How is the direct environment? Will it move in the right direction or will there be other residences nearby? Do you need a car to get to the local supermarket? Where are the hospitals?.... as many questions that they put aside for lack of time and serious analysis.

No, they especially looked at the pool, the beautiful decoration of the apartment.... In short the facade, not the bottom of their investment.

So when they came back a few months later to sign the final sale act and take possession of the premises, out of season, they immediately noticed their mistake! The neighborhood is deserted, not very well connected, far enough from shops and restaurants, complicated without car, they looked in every corner their apartment and made an exhaustive tour of the residence. A lot of development is in the works.

The dazzling side quickly gave way to disappointment. Because as often during a visit they stayed less than thirty minutes on site, taken by the tour of multiple apartments organized by their real estate agent.

They spent a week on their new property and left with a lot of questions. The worst came after registering on Airbnb to quickly rent their apartment. There, the prices mentioned per night definitely persuaded them to have made a mistake! This is an investment that they will never make a profit, not to mention the rather exhilarating maintenance costs of the residence and the extra ordinary work to come.

Some people will think it’s obvious, they went too fast, they didn’t ask the right questions, it’s their fault... all of this is true. The real estate agent did his job normally but too eager to realize their dream of "becoming a homeowner" in the Caribbean they forgot some fundamentals: come, test, rent, take your time. There is no shortage of real estate. And above all, you have to surround ourselves with good specialists. Some people think that using appraisal agencies or notation agencies is useless.

They can do anything on their own. Frankly, we see cases like this every day. And more and more! Even and perhaps even more when investing in new programs. The bride is so beautiful and attractive...

They have clearly lost their money because resale will be more difficult!

Because what are we talking about? the price of a detailed study of the apartment and the residence would have cost for this apartment of 150m², $350! yes only $350!

0.175% of the value of the apartment, but what are we talking about? What savings for a serious study?

It’s shady, it’s not expensive enough? It’s not shady but detailed and you’re right it’s not expensive enough! But we know the area!

So yes we are proud to help many owners to carry out background studies to avoid setbacks like these.

our reports are drawn up on a piece-by-piece inventory. We analyse similar offers, particularly in terms of rental, and we send our report on the residence, its situation.. photo, video and above all we ask ourselves all the right questions that it is normal that Mary and Alan did not ask themselves.

We don’t blame them, they can’t know the real estate business as well as we can. They discovered our offers a little late and we are sorry.

Now you know!

So if you also want to invest your money in real estate in Punta Cana, come, take your time on site and contact us!

CITY EXPERT PROPERTIES service offers are clear and transparent, they are online!

for example, evaluations are here:

https://www.cityexpertproperties.com/product-page/property-evaluation if you don’t know where to invest it’s here:

https://www.cityexpertproperties.com/product-page/property-search-mission And if you’re just starting to explore the region, then take a look at our detailed ebooks for everything:


But don’t delay too long it is now that you have to invest!

The Dominican Republic is a land of opportunities!

Investing in Punta Cana is a great idea because the city and the region are growing fast.

In the next five years there will be a new airport, full of new residences, apartments, villas, houses, infrastructures.

Now is the time to ask the right questions as long as prices are reasonable.

Then it may be too late.

Contact us, we will give you all the right tips.


Do not remain on a doubt, CITY EXPERT PROPERTIES is here to lift them.

Real estate is an investment that engages you.If you do it in good conditions then yes, it is definitely worth it to come!

See you soon under the Caribbean sun!

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